Teeth whitening

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Clean and extra white teeth are everyone’s dream. Teeth whitening is a topic of interest to anyone as your teeth can become your very own business card. Teeth turn yellow over time, from the products we consume daily: coffee, cigarettes, colored drinks but also from the lack of proper oral hygiene.

There are currently a variety of teeth whitening methods but before considering any of these options, you will need to consider assessing personal oral hygiene and taking the necessary steps (professional cleaning and reducing the elements that significantly contribute to tooth coloring and staining).

Teeth whitening is a controversial topic. What is important to know, contrary to recent misconceptions, is that teeth whitening does not have a negative effect on dental structures, it does not “damage the teeth” if it is done in a controlled manner by a professional, using quality materials specifically for whitening operations.

When using a professional whitening treatment, we act on the tooth enamel. The thicker the enamel, the whiter the teeth will become. If the dentin of the teeth is dark (yellow or brown) the teeth will not be able to be whitened as in the case of people who do not have suffer fro these issues.

It is important to understand that teeth whitening is a medical procedure and it is essential that it is done in the dentist’s clinic. The essential condition for getting your teeth whitened is to have healthy teeth. Tooth whitening is not performed on teeth with carious lesions, on a tooth affected by untreated periodontal disease or dental debris to be extracted.

To maximize the effect of whitening treatment, it is important that you consult a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, the only one who will recommend the right option for the you. Laser whitening makes whitening treatment safer and reduces postoperative sensitivity.

Whitening is just one step of getting your Hollywood smile; That is why it is very important to first of all make a detailed examination of the oral cavity at your dentists’, the one who will decide which are the steps that must be followed so you can get your very own perfect smile.

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