Are you ready to smile?

We draw smiles using the latest tehnology.

The first step you should take is to cross our clinique’s threshold where you will be welcomed by a team of professionals.

We’ve created the Smile Design concept because of the passion for smiles and also because of the wish to offer our patients not just a treatment at a dental office, but a pleasant journey to obtain the dream smile. Because each one of us is different, we offer to all of our patients a premium experience.

Our dental office is located in the center of Bucharest, in proximity to public transportatio. It’s a place in which branded proffesionals along with the best equipment offer you dental and aesthetic dentistry services at the highest quality.

For our patients’ comfort we have taken care of the short waiting time that precedes the dental consultation so that it would be as pleasant as possible. The reception area offers a calm, warm and relaxing ambience, bearing the signature of one of the most famous interior designers.

Clinica Stomatologie Smile Design Bucuresti Sector 1

Clinica Stomatologie Smile Design Bucuresti Sector 1 Clinica Stomatologie Smile Design Bucuresti Sector 1

The Smile Design clinique is an elite dental office that offers services from all dental branches: dental aesthetics, dental surgery, dental prosthetics, pedodontics, parodnology, endodontics, orthodontics and general dentistry. In the 2 offices you will be taken over by specialists with vast experience and a plan for an individualized treatment will be developed, according to modern techniques and quality-price relation.

At Smile Design, unique design is combined with high end equipment and premium but affordable services. Because images sometimes do as much as a thousand words, we invite you to get to know us through the virtual tour and then maybe get to know each other and figure out the ways we can help you.

If you want to know more about our equipment and about the professional team at our dental office, we invite you to read more about us and our team and we can set an appointment right away.