Prevention and dental prophylaxis

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Prevention is the first step on the road to enviable teeth. It is very important to understand what prevention and prophylaxis mean in dentistry. The most important stage in dental care is, without a doubt, prophylaxis. Twice a year it is mandatory to visit your dentist because this simple dental intervention can save you from many financial, aesthetic, time or health related problems.

Oral hygiene is the basis of oral care, so it is essential to learn how to brush our teeth and what are the auxiliary methods of dental care to maintain your healthy teeth. It is important to remember that every 6 months a professional sanitation must be performed in the dental clinic: tartar removal, professional brushing and air-flow.

As serious as the repercussions of untreated periodontitis can be in time, the methods for preventing periodontal disease are as simple and accessible to anyone.

Reasons for prophylaxis should be part of the routine visits to the dentist:

Prophylaxis eliminates bacterial plaque

Tooth decay and enamel defects occur under this bacterial plaque that is deposited due to poor oral hygiene.

Oral health at maximum capacity

After cleaning, the doctor will tell you which areas are prone to tartar deposition and caries formation.

Prophylaxis helps you avoid gum disease

Regular prophylaxis sessions, proper brushing of teeth twice a day and flossing and mouthwash are key factors in preventing these diseases.

White and bright smile

Tobacco, coffee and tea stains can be removed in the prophylaxis session. The air-flow technique helps you have a whiter and brighter smile.

Keep your teeth healthy

Dental control and regular descaling are absolutely necessary to protect natural teeth. They determine the health of the gums.

Periodontists at Smile Design point out that age is not a criterion for periodontitis. In the case of many young people, very aggressive forms of this gingival disease have been noticed, and their treatment can be performed only under the strict supervision of the periodontist.

Depending on the situation of each patient, the dentist will establish the most effective treatment measure (descaling and subgingival curettage / periodontal abscess drainage / periodontal open field treatment / Emdogain treatment / application of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory paste / regenerative periodontal surgery) and will monitor the evolution of the condition in the long term, not only until its stagnation period but over time also.

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