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In order to have healthy teeth and to maintain them healthy for a long time, it is essential that they are aligned and positioned as correctly as possible. Orthodontics is the specialty that helps us have straight, beautiful and healthy teeth with the help of classic and modern dental braces, fixed or mobile.

Orthodontic treatment performed by our specialists will change the pathological occlusion in patients to physiological occlusion. Today the evolution of orthodontics with the help of digital equipment and technology allows us to perform individualized orthodontic treatments, with minimal tooth movement and results in the shortest possible time.

What are dental braces and how do they help you?

The dental brace is a device that allows the teeth to be straightened and positioned correctly on the arch. Dental braces are needed in case of:

  • Vertical overbite: represents the high degree of overlap of the upper frontal teeth onto the lower frontal ones.
  • Reverse occlusion (underbite): represents the situation in which the patient’s occlusion is performed inversely, thus creating the so-called “bulldog” appearance, the lower front teeth being positioned over the upper ones.
  • Openbite: defines the visible space that remains uncovered between the upper and lower front teeth when occlusion on the posterior teeth occurs.
  • Crossbite: is the situation in which normal occlusion alternates with reverse.
  • Dental spacing: is the excessive spaces between teeth caused by the absence of teeth or the mismatch between the size of the arch and the size of the teeth
  • Dental crowding: shows the situation when there is not enough space on the dental arch.

People suffering from one or more of the conditions mentioned above, face difficulties in maintaining their teeth and gums healthy, this leads to tooth decay, periodontal disease and finally to tooth loss. Other orthodontic problems can lead to excessive abrasion (wear) of the dental surfaces, inefficient mastication, abnormal shapes on the gingival and bone tissues and pain in the temporomandibular joint.

The orthodontist may recommend that the patient wear either mobile braces or a fixed braces depending on the orthodontic treatment the patient is undergoing.

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