Dental braces – Invisalign

Aparat dentar invizibil - Invisalign Bucuresti

Invisalign is invisible, mobile and extremely comfortable braces.

Orthodontics, a specialty of dental medicine dealing with the treatment of the dental-alveolar disharmonies, in less academic terms called “correcting of teeth”, has taken a considerable momentum in recent years, to the great joy of both orthodontists and dentists, because it is the only specialty which really can solve the dental overlapping, skeletal anomalies, occlusion problems, thus helping to increase the life of the natural teeth.

If until 18 years ago we could correct the teeth only by means of the conventional devices with brackets, now we benefit from several methods, more aesthetic and more comfortable. Thus, Invisalign was invented in 1998, in USA, being a revolutionary orthodontic device, which changed the concepts of orthodontics.

Invisalign mouth guards are made in the USA and they will be sent and mounted to the patient, in the cabinet. Invisalign is a transparent and mobile device, so it can be taken out during the meal, thus allowing a comfortable, nutrition, without restrictions, as well as during the hygiene of the teeth, which means that the patient can make his own hygiene as if he did not wear a dental device. The nutrition and hygiene without device removes all negative effects that can occur while wearing a classic dental device, such as the appearance of cavities, coloration or dental sensitivity.

Invisalign is available in Romania since 2010 and more than 1,000 patients have been treated in our country so far, and more than 4.5 million cases in the world.

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